Children’s fashion on Magento 2 CE is a creative project started by internationally recognised creatives from Barcelona. In this project we tried to highlight the brand exclusivity through the shopping experience and matching the brand identity.

The requests were: worldwide target, Magento 2 (in 2016!), SAP and logistics operator integration and AWS deploy.

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  • B2B

  • Multidevice

  • Own ERP integration

  • SGA integration

  • 40K catalogue

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«An exquisite shopping experience in any device.»

Next phase consists on asking the user for his measurements, which can be inserted as standard sizes or bespoke measurements. We included a tutorial video to make this process easier.

diseño de tiendas magento 2
programación tiendas online magento 2

TAO’s personality is also reflected in the Private Area pages, so the essence is transmitted through all details.

desarrollo tiendas online magento 2

«Using an external connector, TAO automatically synchronises with SAP, which at the same time synchronises with the logistic operator.

The season’s product renewal is also done automatically.

After a first AWS deploy, and proving the performance on Magento 2 was going well, we traspassed the project to the client servers. »

erp externo magento 2