B2B development

Commerce and transactions between companies

We develop B2B sites in Magento, e-commerce leader platform.
We help you define a powerful strategy for your online shop and understand digital environments.

We work with Magento 2 as software for B2B eCommerce build, which allows using a great variety of tools such as client fidelization, purchasing experience, shipping costs, payment methods and much more possibilities.

Magento B2B consulting

Experience in B2B e-commerce for your online business.

Development Magento B2B

Experience in digital B2B business development.

Evolution Magento B2B

We work to improve the processes as well as we implement their automation and digitalization.

Functionalities in

Magento B2B

relación empresa cliente

B2B company / client relationship

B2B Environment development

gestión cuentas b2b

B2B Enterprise account management

Using Magento 2 it is possible to manage a variety of businesses, client groups and user conditions and permissions.

integración contenidos erp

B2B integration with ERP

Managing system and warehouse (ERP) integration with the online shop.

catalogo privado magento b2b

B2B personalized catalogues administration

Magento B2B is able to create customised catalogues.

precios personalizados b2b

B2B customised prices

Magento B2B platform is able to generate specific prices for different clients.

presupuesto b2b magento

B2B budgets’ negotiation

With Magento B2B it is possible to ask for bespoke cost estimates.

métodos de pago b2b

B2B payment methods

The e-commrce B2B payment methods can include cheques or direct debit, among others.

pedido rápido b2b

B2B quick orders

Magento B2B offers a quick purchase system and also order repetition.

detalles producto magento b2b

B2B product details

We offer product information costumization.

magento analytics seo

B2B Magento Analytics

Easy access to the user behaviour data.