Magento CE B2B for european hospitality supplies market

Supreminox is a company dedicated to cutlery and tableware manufacturing for home and hospitality markets. The brief had a clear objective: relaunch of their existing eCommerce using the last technology systems, redesign and UX as well as a redefinition of their product DB using SAP, including the integration between SAP and Magento.

Supreminox needed an eCommerce solution for the final user but that was also a useful tool for their commercial and sales team. The catalogue consisted on more than 1.500 products, most of them grouped. So, it was so important to design an efficient UX experience, clean and satisfactory. The target was the European user, so finally we had various Storeviews in 4 different languages.

At the end, we suggested a radical redesign with a modern touch following the Mobile First assumption. This was the way to achieve synergy between message and user experience following the innovation that is part of Supreminox.

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Another relevant element was to offer the user a huge catalogue that was easy to visualise and filter. To do so we decided to get rid of pagination and proposed an infinite scroll catalogue, that shows products while the user scrolls the page.

There is also a filtering option that offers from 5 to 10 groups which allow the user to focus and shorten the search. It is also so easy to navigate the subcategories with direct links.

«Infinite Scroll, Attribute Filters, Direct links for subcategories and predictive textual search with synonyms incorporated. Accesible data 100%!»

Another challenge on this project was how to present the product, always as “grouped product”. We offered a tree system to offer a simplified UX so you could see the specific product and relate it to the group.

producto agrupado magento B2B

In other words, you can see the same way an opener and a set of buckets.

producto simple magento B2B

«This is a classical example of  Magento B2B project with a little touch of customisation to make it unique and perfectly integrated to the sales channel. »