An avant-garde concept of online product customisation is a Magento CE B2C eCommerce that was a great challenge for our team. The brief was to migrate from a bespoke website to a Magento solution, more versatile and open source. The general concept is customizable swimsuit with a dynamic configuration tool for users.

This project was handled by an interdisciplinar team including, photographers, translators, designers and developers. Every product is based on a main image and loads of layers that can be chosen to complete the final desired product (different shapes, sizes, colours, fabrics and textures).

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configurador magento de productos
configurador de magento para materiales

«The question never was whether we were capable to do so, the question always was how to make it. »

We achieved the goal with a handmade solution where users can select every layer of the product and choose from different options. After user selection, everything is rendered to have the final product. Also, all steps are visible for the user before adding to the shopping cart.

configurador magento de bikinis

We also had to have in mid sizes and measurement, so the user could insert their particular numbers. We have both options, standard sizes or customisable measures.

magento configurador medidas

This is only the visual part, as all this information is automatically transferred to the factories, which is set in another country, who manages the production. We also developed this production manager ourselves with a specific API to connect with Magento data.

We finally achieved to control the stock in real time, the customisation and the notifications within all parties.

Furthermore, we also need to have in mind this is an international project (worldwide sales) so we had to deal with 25 different rates and translate for different country stores and languages as well as manage 9 currencies.

« is the perfect example of a new and original concept with quite a bit of technical complexity using different and specific modules and with a bespoke open source code Magento B2C solution, being versatile and global. »

The high specific requirements from a design point of view and also photography required a specific development of Photoshop automisation processes.

This project includes his own Administration Manual to deal with the system. We also monitor the server 24×7. This project also includes the evolution support.